AMPView is a graphical environment for the user to define all necessary finite element modeling parameters such as material data, boundary conditions, and analysis controls. It links the solid modeling geometry to the discrete FE based modeling specifically designed for FE analysis data graphical association. It controls the AMPSol FE analysis, and then retrieves the results in real-time for user inquiries and examinations. The advanced animation method allowing fast interactive examination of the model behavior, with result inquiry functions such as area/line integral inquiry, user created results type, and advanced cutting plane examinations. AMPView uses a Model DataBase (MDB) to communicate with the solid model geometry and the FE analysis program. A detailed MDB interface manual is available so a third-party FE analysis program can directly interface with the AMPS systems to take advantage of the rich pre- and the post-processing features.

Cavity buoyancy driven thermal flow


Thermal Electrical Stress Contact