About us

Welcome to the website of AMPS Technologies Company, the developer of the AMPS (Advanced Multi-Physics Simulation) programs.

AMPS Technologies Company develops the Advanced Multi-Physics Simulation (AMPS) software with the mission of delivering an advanced simulation system with the most up-to-date FE technology with the best computer software engineering. In the past decade, we have developed AMPS from the ground up based on the strictest software engineering principles and the newest computational mechanics theories.

Started in 1994 with development funds from Ingersoll-Rand and Owens-Corning R&D Centers, we focused on developing an innovative finite element analysis tool for rotor dynamics and molten glass fiber forming simulations. Since 2003, we have formed AMPS Technologies Company with main goal to deliver cutting-edge finite element software based on modern software engineering design and the newest finite element theory.

In the past few years, AMPS Technologies Company has been shipping AMPS to customers such as Canon, Casio, Hitachi, IBM, Mitsubishi, Olympus, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Bridgestone-Firestone, and many prestigious universities for multi-physics simulation. These elite customers have also pushed and expanded the technology boundary. Since 2005, we have started world-wide release through distributor network.

AMPS Technologies is a dynamic, growing company with a commitment to continual improvement and quality customer support. We pride in delivering the most convenient desktop FEA tools based on creative software engineering, and constantly push the most advanced computational theories to new limits for our customers.