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Rubber Membrane


Welcome to the web site of AMPS Technologies Company, the developer of the AMPS (Advanced Multi-Physics Simulation) programs.

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(Feb 14, 2023) AMPS 11.0 has been released with new ASolid solid modeling frontend and many new features, and to import/accept all CAD models for immediate design analysis. AMPS patent pending XMD technology is now upgraded to version 2.5. All XMD embedded models can be shared by AMPS and CAE products with AMPS OEM engine.

(Jan, 2020) A new tolerance assembly analysis technology is now standard in all AMPS and OEM products. This new option uses parts' discrete boundary facets to smartly unite parts together for design analysis, rather than rely on CAD kernel's Boolean operation that requires precision matching. Combinging the discrete tolerance assembly gluing and the enhanced AI auto-tying technology, AMPS is most suitable for general CAD design analysis to automatically handle dirty CAD assembly with intended/unintended overlap/gaps without going through laborious CAD fixing yet still get a good accurate analysis result using Sefea technology.

(Oct 1, 2019)  We are pleased to announce that the AMPS lock-free multithread formulations has been further refined to take advantage of all single/multiple CPU cores of the latest Intel i7/i9 processors, Core X-series processors, Xeon Scalable processors and the new AMD Ryzen processors. It takes full advantage of the lower latency local cache and smarter prefetch with fast thread pooling and lock-free thread synchronization technology for maximum computing throughput.