On-Line Video Tutorials

Click the links below to watch on-line AMPS streaming video tutorials:

Finite Element Solid Modeling Tutorial (10 minutes)

Meshing and Finite Element Solution Tutorial (10 minutes)


Click the links below to watch on-line Multiphysics for IronCAD streaming video tutorials:

Video 1: A Quick Introduction to Multi-Physics for IronCAD (10:19)

  • Build a simple block model

  • Add the FEA toolbars if necessary

  • Add an FEA simulation to analyze the block

  • Add boundary conditions

  • Analyze the model with AutoSolve

  • View Results


Video 2: Modification and a New Material (9:04)

  • Use the IronCAD Save-As command save a copy of the model and FEA data

  • Add a cylindrical hole to the block and analyze

  • Add an Aluminum cylinder to the end of the steel block


Video 3: Mesh Refinement (11:25)

  • Reduce the global mesh size to refine the entire mesh

  • Reduce the Curvature Refinement Ratio to refine the mesh in curved regions of the model

  • Add local mesh refinement to a surface or part


Video 4: Results Options (13:09)

  • Inquire on nodal values

  • Specifying units for result quantities

  • Turning off Advanced Results for a short list of common results

  • Scale Animation and AVI creation

  • Cutting Plane and specifying orientation

  • Inquire node on cutting plane nodes

  • Plot nodal values along a specified line: Plot along direction

  • Integrating results on the selected FEA faces

  • Integrating results on the cutting plane


Video 5: Multi-Physics adding Thermal to Stress Analysis (8:45)

  • Add thermal analysis to a stress model for multi-physics

  • Verify the reference temperature for thermal expansion

  • In Results, calculate the heat flow through a section of the model cut by the cutting plane

  • In Results, view the heat flow vectors within the model

  • In Results, view streamlines associated with the heat flow