With the emphasis on realistically coupled multi-physics simulations, many legacy simulation codes patch up segregated components with batch iterative methods to obtain weakly-coupled solutions. No mathematical proof of the solution exists for such an ad hoc method, and the solution convergence is either not warranted, or limited to small deformation. To address this problem, AMPS formulated these physics in a single element using a strain-rate based continuum formulation and a consistent least-squares based method for all governing differential equations. All variables such as temperature, deformation, flow, electrical potential, stress, time, etc. are directly coupled and can be applied to the same analysis domain by simply clicking a mouse button to activate the desired physics. The consistent formulation correctly simulates strongly coupled problems such as nonlinear large deformation fluid-solid interaction, Joule heating, conjugate heat transfer, electromagnetic-stress contact, and complex material nonlinear dependency such as MEMS applications.

Deep Draw Springback Analysis

AMPS developers have extensive experience in finite element theoretical development, implementations, and applications experiences in civil, mechanical, automotive, nuclear, aerospace, defense, and general FE applications. The latest and most advanced field-tested FE technologies are implemented using modular object-oriented software engineering with patent-pending XMD (eXtended Markup language Database) designed specifically for simulation applications. The cutting edge Sefea (Strain-Enriched FEA) is developed by taking the best part of finite element, boundary element and mesh-free technologies, and delivers the accuracy and speed needed for general simulation. The main AMPS technologies include: Lagrangian finite strain and large rotation support, complete elastic-visco-plastic material library, Aribtrary Largangian Eulerian (ALE) fluid-structure method, conserving Optimal Least-Squares fluid formulation, automatic h-/p-adaptive error controls, automatic load/stepping controls with arc-length post-buckling load marching, Moving-Least-Squares energy-based advanced mesh tying/contact constraint, load-balanced multi-thread implementation for fast parallel processing, and the fastest industrial direct sparse and iterative solver with minutes of run time for millions of equations.

Fluid Structure Interaction with ALE Method

AMPS Products are true general-purpose multiphysics packages with these main features:

  • The latest FE technology uses the best computer science software engineering implementation. Fully coupled fluid solid interaction with Conservative Weighted Optimal Least-Squares fluid formulation with proven theoretical convergence without any numerical treatment or relaxation. Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) for large motion FSI analysis. Stress, thermal, and flow variables are fully coupled with the electro-magneto fields especially suitable for multi-physics electronic, MEM, VLSI design analysis.

  • Robust large deformation/finite rotation formulation matching field results and experiments. Rigorous continuum mechanics theory with the optimized numerical implementation for practical applications.

  • Flexible and open access eXtended Markup language DataBase (XMD) with toolkit for user extensible development. Advanced and flexible Dynamic Link Library (DLL) user supplied constitutive model for special user material model research and development. Special user interface loading for special user programmed load/flux data.

  • Clear, intuitive, easy to follow industrial standardrized Windows menu and GUI convention. Online and context sensitive documentation are available at the click of a button. This allows the user to learn the use of AMPS through browsing the menus instead of reading voluminous documentation.

  • Full featured solid model creation/modification/feature/de-feature capabilities specialized for FE simulation applications. Standard ACIS solid model geometry data exchange with most CAD products. Automatic tetra/hexa/quad/tri/mixed meshing with full detailed control. Proprietary FlexMesh structured hexahedron meshing for high quality hex meshing.

  • Automatic time/step loading control with special arc-length post-buckling controls. It takes the burden of nonlinear analysis off the analyst's shoulders. Fully h-/p-adaptive ability with based on the energy error control and refinement.

  • Extensive real-time result animations, contours, vector plots, movie creation designed by the engineers who have used them to examine, understand, and explore intuitive design variations.

  • Extensive on-line reference and Getting Started documentation with tutorials, and the full version of AMPS package can be downloaded for free trial for registered users.

  • Designed specifically for Windows platform, AMPS delivers the best FE features with the fully coupled stress, thermal, fluid flow, electro and magneto abilities with the PC platform pricing. Wide application profiles with customers from corporate R&D, university research, and industrial design engineers in electronics, civil, mechanical, automotive, chemical, nuclear, and general design applications.