UI & Integration

AMPS uses the standard Windows interface since most users are familiar with the familiar menu/spreadsheet/mouse controls. Further more, AMPS is designed on the principle that an instant help should be always available at the press of the Help key (F1 key). With the context sensitive on-line help, it is as if the developers are always at the user's side pointing to the appropriate reference and help information associated with the user input menu fields. This on-line help system automatically brings up the crucially needed information without going through any lengthy reference manual searching. The completed reference manual is also available for detailed references or for casual browsing at coffee break time.

AMPS products communicate with each other using a Model DataBase (MDB) interface. The users can also access the FE data directly for pre and post processing. The complete MDB Reference (AMPSMDB.pdf) is available to the licensed user along with the software library.