AMPS Product and Module Definition: The Advanced Multi-Physics Simulation Programs


AMPS products are bundled for different customer needs, and they can be licensed as: AMPS Multiphysics, AMPS Advanced Multiphysics, AMPS Explicit, and optional licenses for fluid and electromagnetic applications.


AMPSolid (component):

Full ACIS solid modeling tool designed specifically for finite element simulation with history playback/rolling, import/export industrial standard ACIS/IGES/STEP solid model for simulation. Automatic 2d/3d/shell tri/quad/mixed, tetra, hexahedron, and high-quality proprietary FlexMesh and Meta-Meshing high quality 3D hexahedron meshing tools.


AMPView (component):

Advanced and convenient pre-/post-processor for finite element analysis, material and boundary condition controls. User supplied DLL for special material and boundary conditions. Convenient dynamic cutting-plane with real-time cross-section contouring, integration, and many design analysis feature such as J-Integral dynamic inquiry and movie animation creation features.


AMPSol (component):

Newest generation Sefeatm (Strain-Enriched FEA) multiphysics finite element software with integrated stress, thermal, fluid, and electromagnetic physics fields. The office tool type FE processor includes static, transient, modal,post-buckling, nonlinear-instability, h-/p-adaptive refinement with advanced automatic load balancing multi-thread pool suitable for multi-CPU and multi-core platforms.


AMPS Multiphysics:

AMPS Multiphysics package includes AMPSolid, AMPView and AMPSol with general-purpose stress static and transient dynamics, modal, linear buckling/instability, h-/p-adaptive refinement. Integrated with thermal heat transfer analysis with full stress coupling, and basic nonlinear feature.


AMPS Advanced Multiphysics:

Expand the AMPS ability with full functions of large strain/rotation deformation, material nonlinearity and full runtime nonlinear material property dependency, advanced contact and arc-length automatic loading stepping, nonlinear post-buckling, and advanced features not included in the basic linear AMPS module. Additional licensing options for fluid, electromagnetic modules can be activated from this Advanced Multiphysics license.


AMPS Explicit:

Explicit add-on transient stress/thermal module for transient impact/crash/fracture analysis with h-adaptive refinement. Advanced features suitable for cutting/chopping and failure/damage analysis.


Fluid/CFD License:

The fluid physics is integrated in AMPS using the newest Least-Squares FEA formulation, and the license can be activated on top of the Advanced module allowing either pure CFD or for continuum-fluid FSI and MHD electromagnetic applications.


Electro/Magnetic License:

The Electro/Magnetic physics is also integrated inside AMPS, and the license can be activated on top of the Advanced module allowing multiphysics application such as Joulian heating or EM force applcations.

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