Example Models / Literatures

AMPS Product Whitepaper

A Letter to Engineers / AMPS product whitepaper by AMPS Senior Application Engineer Philip Mische. (download PDF)

MCAE Whitepaper

"Classes of MCAE Software: Clarifying the Market", a whitepaper by Cyon Research Corporation reviewing MACE products including AMPS. (download PDF)

AMPS Sefea Technology Whitepaper

Developed by AMPS, Sefea (Strain-Enriched FEA) is the newest technology from the family of enriched FEM. The whitepaper covers the basic theory, applicability and benchmarks. (download PDF)

Olympus Corporation Linear Motor Lorentz Force Simulation

A multiphysic design simulation of a charged conductive mechanical part driven by electric Lorentz force with viscous air flow drag and continuum dynamics effects. (download PDF)

Pool game simulation

The model captures the physics of the pool balls impact and frictional interaction with the slate table and the hyperelastic foam padding around the table sides. The model also demonstrates the automatic contact detection without any user intervention, and the high efficient contact algorithm. (download model)

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Optical cable batch bundle crushing

Optical cable batch bundle crushing analysis. The model is a realistic design analysis by an AMPS user, and was later created as a demonstration model by Advanced Technology Co. Ltd. (download model)

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Gear box stress

Gear box stress analysis demonstrating the auto contact feature and how to avoid badly meshes model when small model is preferred. (download model)

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Rubber boot design

Rubber boot design analysis using general Rivlin hyperelastic function and automatic contact feature. The model also demonstrates the high quality meta-meshing hex meshing feature, and post buckling using automatic arc-length load tracking. (download model)

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Electric/structural seal contact/pin insertion

The electric/structural seal contact/pin insertion model demonstrates the multiphysics feature of AMPS in thermal-electrical-stress coupled analysis, and the handling of initial interference/overlap using BC duration control. The model was simplified as a 2D axis-symmetric analysis for the circular symmetric medical device with structural and electrical contact, Joule heating and heat transfer behavior. (download model)

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